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We offer 29 places for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Our Yellow Room caters for children aged 3 to 18 months, our Red Room is for children aged 18 months to 2.5 years, whilst our Blue Room is for children aged 2.5 to 5 years.


The Yellow Room is a relaxed, homely environment with a carpeted floor that is perfect for early walkers. With a cosy corner full of teddies and cushions, the babies have the chance to have some quiet time, as well as being able to play with toys that are changed regularly and are suitable for their age group. As high contrast images and colours are the easiest for babies to perceive, Yellow Room has a black and white area that helps to calm and soothe the children, as well as improve their concentration skills.

There is a maximum of 6 children with 2 members of staff per day in the Yellow Room, meaning it is much smaller and more personal than a lot of nurseries. This gives staff the time to cater for the children's unique needs and abilities, and spend one-to-one time with their key children. To help babies with the transition from home to nursery, the staff follow the children's individual routines and cater to parental requests as much as possible.

In Yellow Room, the staff know the importance of supporting children at an early age in order to help them reach their full potential throughout life. The children are encouraged to achieve their development goals through individual weekly activities that are planned by their key worker, which link to their interests and abilities. Alongside this, the children are provided with the opportunity for frequent outdoor play, and 'messy' sensory activities. These keep the children stimulated, as well as allowing them to explore and learn through their senses.


Moving through to our Red Room, home to our toddlers, we provide each and every child with plentiful opportunities to experience a range of stimulating, suitable, age-related activities within a nurturing, homely environment.

The room has a warm and reassuring feel to help the toddlers feel safe and secure whilst they explore its many facilities. There is a maximum of 10 children with 3 members of staff per day in the Red Room. A key worker system is in place within the room to ensure that the care, education and needs of each and every child are met, creating a close bond between key workers and their key children. Parent partnership is important within the Red Room as this promotes a positive impact on the children's learning and development.

Activities are planned around the children's interests, as well as a range of adult led activities such as music and movement, baking, arts and crafts and sensory play. Toddlers are given the opportunity to experience the outdoor environment, as well as the indoors, on a daily basis, where they are able to take part in physical play and explore the natural world around them.


The children in Blue Room are encouraged to develop their skills and play and learn together in a happy indoor and outdoor environment. The children learn to take part in adult led activities and in those that they initiate themselves. Adults work in collaboration with children to plan the weekly activities around topics that are based on the children's current interests. In Blue Room there is a focus on supporting the children’s independence and getting them ready for school.

The children follow a structured routine. In the morning there is a focus on developing children's emerging literacy and numeracy skills. Some of these activities include learning to recognise and write their name and singing number songs and rhymes. Afternoon activities involve lots of art and craft, cooking and walks.

Through regular ‘circle times’ the children in blue room are given opportunities to share and discuss their thoughts, feelings and opinions on matters that are important to them. During this time they are encouraged to listen to each other and take turns whilst speaking. These are important social skills that they will continue to develop throughout their time in Blue Room.


Battenhall Nursery is set within an acre of land providing plenty of outdoor space for the children to explore. There is an outdoor classroom space as well as a large grassed area just perfect for running around. 

Access to the nursery is through a set of electric gates onto an 'in' and 'out' driveway. There is ample space for parents to park whilst dropping their children off at the front of the house.

The nursery is opening at 7.30am and closing at 6.00pm.